Electric Light Orchestra

Face The Music (1975)

Face The Music (1975)

1. Fire on High
2. Waterfall
3. Evil Woman
4. Nightrider
5. Poker
6. Strange Magic
7. Down Home Town
8. One Summer Dream

Fire on High

(Jeff Lynne)

kcab nrut, kcab nrut, kcab nruT. ton si emit tub elbasrever si cisum ehT


(Jeff Lynne)

So now it's getting late, for those who hesitate, got no one,
But they don't understand and no one hears the sound,
it's like a waterfall, it's an illusion.

Love is all, waterfall, love is what you are
Pulls you in, takes you down, it's a sad affair
But you know as you hold back the power there
without the friends and lovers you could never go on living.

Across the waterfall that's falling evermore down on you
Cascading through the days, and flowing on it's way
That's how it has to be, just an illusion.

CHORUS: Repeat

Evil Woman

(Jeff Lynne)

You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams
have got to end.

Hey woman, you got the blues,
cos' you ain't got no one else to use,
There's an open road that leads nowhere,
so just make some miles between here and there.
There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in,
You took my body and played to win,
Ha Ha woman it's a crying shame,
But you ain't got nobody else to blame.

Evil Woman, Evil Woman, Evil Woman, Evil Woman.

Rolled in from another town,
Hit some gold too hot to settle down,
But a fool and his money soon go separate ways,
And you found a fool lyin' in a daze,
Ha Ha woman what you gonna do,
You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you,
It's so good that you're feeling pain,
But you better get your face on board the very next train.

CHORUS: Repeat

Evil woman how you done me wrong,
But now you're tryin' to wail a different song,
Ha Ha funny how you broke me up,
you made the wine now you drink the cup,
I came runnin' every time you cried,
Thought I saw love smilin' in your eyes,
Ha Ha very nice to know, that you ain't got no place left to go.

CHORUS: repeat


(Jeff Lynne)

I remember somewhere in the rain, the faces of the passers-by,
staring faces broken blinds,
I recall the situation clearly standing in a crowded car,
I can feel the need in me.

Hold on, nightrider baby, hold on you're a nightrider.
Riding the night, searching for what is gone,
Never reaching the end, so you must travel on.

I still see that vision of delight, while cruising on the black of night,
but she keeps a step ahead,
Looking out the corner of her world, nobody ever knows a girl,
who once lived along this way.

CHORUS: Repeat

Desolation degradation row, go on don't let the feeling show,
she's a ten a penny dream,
Faces with no name and no address, keep staring in on my distress,
but she kills me with her smile.

CHORUS: Repeat


(Jeff Lynne)

Away, the joker's closing in, reform and they will win, the light is fading fast.
I know, you know, they know, we all know, everybody's gonna burn down.

The girls come crawling on all fours, banging on locked doors,
high cards call the tune,
I know, you know, they know, we all know
Everybody's gonna burn down.

Play me another hand, loose everything I am, until we meet again.

The ace, that's hiding up your sleeve, will cause the world to grieve,
the love you had is gone,
I know, you know, they know, we all know,
The dream, in every player's heart, to win it all not part,
they lie awake at night,
I know, you know, they know, we all know.

The game, where gamblers rule the night,
And get your blood they might, the joker's closin' in,
I know, you know, they know, we all know.

Strange Magic

(Jeff Lynne)

You're sailing softly through the sun,
in a broken Stone Age dawn, you fly, so high. I get a

Strange magic, oh what a strange magic,
Oh it's a strange magic, got a strange magic.
You're walking meadows in my mind,
Making waves across my time,
Oh no, oh no, I get a

CHORUS: Repeat

Oh I'm never gonna be the same again
Now I've seen the way it's got to end,
Sweet Dream, Sweet Dream

CHORUS: repeat

It's magic, it's magic, it's magic

CHORUS: repeat

llafretaw ythgim eht ecaf, llafretaw ythgim eht ecaF

Down Home Town*

(Jeff Lynne)

The world outside don't like us much,
'Cos they ain't got our classy touch,
But they ain't good enough to breathe,
This towns good air we make 'em leave.

But it's no, no, no, you really can't do that,
No, no, no, down home town.

No monkey business in this town,
Well who do you think you're pushing round
This towns respectable and clean,
Just look around you'll see what I mean.

CHORUS: Repeat

Down home town, down home town,
Down home town, down home town,
Down home town, down home town.

CHORUS: Repeat

We got the best town band around, just listen to their crazy sound.
When they get hot they gonna blow, ucedemwinnin** every show.

(Since I was in the land of Dixie, look away, look away, look away, look away)

Down home town,
(Gotta get down, gotta get down)
Down home town,
(Gotta get down, gotta get down)
Down home town,
Down home town,
(Oh, I think I'm in town now)
Down home town.

CHORUS: Repeat

(Since I was in the land of Dixie, look away, look away, look away)

Look Out.

*The band on this track have since grown a third eyebrow.

One Summer Dream

(Jeff Lynne)

So I go, though it hurts me so, I'm cryin' for your love.

Deep waters flow, out to the sea
They never needed you or me.
One Summer Dream, One Summer Dream.

Blue Mountains high and valley low,
I don't know which way I should go.
One Summer Dream, One Summer Dream.

Warm summer breeze blows endlessly,
Touching the hearts of those who feel.
One Summer Dream, One Summer Dream.

Bird on wing goes floating by,
But there's a teardrop in his eye.
One Summer Dream, One Summer Dream,
One Summer Dream, One Summer Dream.

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