Eurovision song contest

2011 - final

Plats: Düsseldorf, Tyskland
Presenterades av Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers & Stefan Raab
Datum: 2011-05-14

ESC 2011 - Rumänien: Hotel FM



Titel: Change
Artist: Hotel FM
Musik: Gabriel Băruţa
Text: Alexandra Ivan & Gabriel Băruţa
Broadcaster: TVR

Startnummer: 17
Placering: 17
Poäng: 77

Change (Originaltext)

You think you’ve got the time to figure it out
Life will pass you by,
Your time is running out, oh yeah

You’re haunted by your troubles everyday
Wastin’ smiles away,
What’s there left to say?

You gotta make believe
And make your dreams come true
It ain’t that hard to do...

Chorus x 2:
I can’t change, I can’t change the world alone
I need you all, everybody,
Start dreamin’ of it
Take a step that’s gonna make a difference and change your world

Strangers’ faces that you just wanna hide
Won’t you turn the tide?
A smile can change it all


Chorus x 2